Other basketball leagues in 1941:    
First Round
WPBT Champ.
z: best record, c: conference winner, y: division winner, w: wildcard, x: clinched playoff spot

All games were played in Chicago, Illinois and sponsored by the Chicago Herald American. Games were played at various sites including Chicago Coliseum, International Amphitheater and Chicago Stadium. Teams would also sometimes change their names when entering the tournament because of a new sponsor.

In the "Third Place" consolation game, the New York Rens beat the Toledo White Huts 57-42

First Round

3/16 (indep.) Kenosha 43-36 Rochester (indep.) KEN 1-0
3/16 (indep.) NY Rens 43-20 Dayton (indep.) NY 1-0
3/15 (indep.) Globetrotters 39-38 Newark (indep.) HGT 1-0
3/15 (NBL) Det. Eagles 58-43 Indianapolis (indep.) DET 1-0
3/15 (NBL) Chi. Bruins 53-17 Davenport (indep.) CHI 1-0
3/16 (indep.) Toledo 36-28 Sheboygan (NBL) TOL 1-0
3/16 (ABL) Philadelphia 48-30 Bismark (indep.) PHI 1-0
3/15 (NBL) Oshkosh 47-41 Fort Wayne (indep.) OSH 1-0

Quarter Finals

3/17 (indep.) NY Rens 43-15 Kenosha (indep.) NY 1-0
3/17 (NBL) Det. Eagles 37-36 Globetrotters (indep.) DET 1-0
3/17 (indep.) Toledo 43-33 Chi. Bruins (NBL) TOL 1-0
3/17 (NBL) Oshkosh 38-31 Philadelphia (ABL) OSH 1-0

Semi Finals

3/18 (NBL) Det. Eagles 43-42 NY Rens (indep.) DET 1-0
3/18 (NBL) Oshkosh 40-37 Toledo (indep.) OSH 1-0

WPBT Championship

3/19 (NBL) Det. Eagles 39-37 Oshkosh (NBL) DET 1-0

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