1928 Wolverines

Missed Postseason

7-2 (.750)
3rd place in NFL

Following the 1927 campaign, the Cleveland Bulldogs were sold to Elliot Fisher and its franchise was canceled. Bulldogs' quarterback Benny Friedman, coach LeRoy Andrews and several other players then formed a new team, the Detroit Wolverines, under Fisher's ownership. Even though the Bulldogs and Wolverines were separate franchises, they are included together in several record books because they had the same coach and most of the same players. After one season, However, Tim Mara, the owner of the New York Giants, was interested in acquiring Friedman. Rather than simply buy or trade for Friedman, Mara bought the entire Wolverines franchise and promptly deactivated it, delivering Friedman (and other star Wolverines players) to New York.

Head Coach
8,000 total
8,000 per game