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Hartford Hurricanes Logo
1947-1947 1
Jersey City Atoms Logo
1947-1947 1
Yonkers Chiefs Logo
1947-1947 1
The team folded during their only season.
Paterson Crescents Logo
1945-1947 3
Baltimore Bullets Logo
1945-1947 3 1
Brooklyn Gothams Logo
1945-1947 3
Wilmington Blue Bombers Logo
a.k.a. Bombers
1942-1947 6 2
Troy Celtics Logo
a.k.a. Haymakers
1939-1947 9
Philadelphia Sphas Logo
1934-1947 14 6
The team's name is an acronym, derived from South Philadelphia Hebrew Association (the group that initially funded the team), and the team's players, at least in its earlier years, were primarily Jewish. 1949 would be the last year the Sphas were affiliated with a league, but thanks to Gottlieb's friendship with Abe Saperstein, president and owner of the Harlem Globetrotters, the Sphas lived on as one of the exhibition teams that the Globetrotters would play, although they would retain only the franchise name, not the Jewish makeup of the team.
Trenton Tigers Logo
a.k.a. Moose
1934-1947 14 1
New York Americans Logo
1944-1944 1
Brooklyn Indians Logo
1943-1944 2
Moved to Brooklyn during on January 18, 1943 and dropped out of league during the 1st half of the 1943/44 season.
Harrisburg Senators Logo
1943-1943 1
Folded after only one season.
Brooklyn Jewels Logo
1934-1943 10 1
The team dropped out during the 1st half of the 1941/42 season, but returned for the next season, before folding.
Washington Heurichs Logo
a.k.a. Brewers, Heurich Brewers
1939-1942 4
Baltimore Clippers Logo
1940-1941 2
A brief member of the American Basketball League, the franchise folded after only two professional seasons.
Brooklyn Celtics Logo
1937-1941 5
Wilkes-Barre Barons Logo
1939-1940 2
Kingston Colonials Logo
1936-1940 5
Absorbed into the Troy Celtics on December 19, 1939.
Jersey Reds Logo
1934-1940 7 1
Absorbed into the New York Jewels on January 26, 1940
Bronx Yankees Logo
1938-1938 1
They dropped out of the league on January 11, 1938 near the halfway point of their first and only season.
Passaic Red Devils Logo
1936-1936 1
Trenton Bengals Logo
1936-1936 1
Boston Trojans Logo
1935-1935 1
New Britain Palaces Logo
a.k.a. Jackaways, Mules
1934-1935 2
Merged with the Newark Mules to become the New Britain Mules for the second half of the 1934-35 season, folding thereafter.
Newark Bears Logo
a.k.a. Mules
1934-1935 2
Merged with the New Britain Jackaways to become the New Britain Mules on January 18, 1935, folding thereafter.
Bronx Americans Logo
1934-1934 1

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