Other hockey leagues in 1909:    
OPHL  ·  MPHL  ·  FHL  ·  WPHL
In an effort to freeze out the Montreal Wanderers, the ECHA disbanded in December 1909 and a new league called the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) was formed, deliberately designed to exclude the Wanderers, who then joined the newly formed National Hockey Association (NHA). The CHA survived only a few weeks of play in January 1910 before two teams jumped to the new National Hockey Association (NHA).

Pre-Season Stanley Cup Challenge

Most goals scored in 2-game series
Champions of the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA) and ECHA competed for the Stanley Cup
12/28 (indep.) Edmonton 3-7 Mtl. Wanderers (ECHA) MWA 7-3
12/30 (indep.) Edmonton 7-6 Mtl. Wanderers (ECHA) MWA 13-10

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