Reigning champion Atlantic of Brooklyn and challenger Excelsior of Brooklyn split their first two games. In the third, Excelsior was leading, 8–6, and had men on base, but chose to withdraw because of rowdy behavior by Atlantic partisans and gamblers. The game was declared a draw, and the championship retained by Atlantic. Historical records of game results and player statistics are missing or incomplete. Standings were determined by number of total wins, rather than winning percentage. Historical records of game results and player statistics may be missing or incomplete.
1860 Brooklyn Excelsior LogoExcelsior 182.881-
1860 Brooklyn Eckford LogoEckford 152.8821.5
1860 Brooklyn Atlantic LogoAtlantic   122.8133.0
1860 New York Gotham LogoGotham 85.6156.5
1860 New York Harlem LogoHarlem 52.7146.5
1860 New York Eagle LogoEagle 44.5008.0
1860 Newark Eureka LogoEureka 45.4508.5
1860 Detroit Baseball Club LogoDetroit 32.6007.5
1860 New York Putnam LogoPutnam 33.5008.0
1860 New York Empire LogoEmpire 34.4298.5
1860 Morrisania Union LogoUnion 37.30010.0
1860 Brooklyn Enterprise LogoEnterprise 27.22210.5
1860 New York Mutual LogoMutual 18.18211.5
1860 New York Knickerbocker LogoKnicks 01.0008.5
1860 Brooklyn Star LogoBkn. Star 05.08310.5
1860 Newark Adriatics LogoNewark 00.000-

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