The Cincinnati Red Stockings, despite having victories over all of the leading clubs, never faced a reigning champion in a deciding game, partly because in scheduling tours of continental scope they practically opted out. In 1869, many members of the association were officially paying their players. Several dozen amateur teams, as well as some supbar or short-lived teams, are omitted here. Standings were now determined by winning percentage, rather than by number of total wins, as in years past. Historical records of game results and player statistics may be missing or incomplete. Union and Atlantic clubs played one tie game.
1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings LogoCincinnati 1901.000-
1869 Brooklyn Atlantic LogoAtlantic   156.7055.0
1869 Philadelphia Athletic LogoAthletic 157.6745.5
1869 Brooklyn Eckford LogoEckford 158.6526.0
1869 Lansingburgh Union LogoLansingburgh 128.5957.5
1869 New York Mutual LogoMutual 1115.42311.5
1869 Washington Olympic LogoOlympic 912.42911.0
1869 Baltimore Marylands LogoBaltimore 714.33313.0
1869 Washington National LogoWashington 412.25013.5
1869 Cleveland Forest City LogoCleveland 16.14312.0
1869 New Jersey Irvington LogoIrvington 08.00013.5
1869 Milwaukee Cream Citys LogoMilwaukee 00.000-

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