Other baseball leagues in 1891:    
AA  ·  Negro

In today's simulated matchup, we're going back to the roots of baseball, as the 1880s All-Stars face off against their counterparts from the 1890s. The 1880s was a transformative decade for baseball, with the establishment of the National League and the American Association, the first professional baseball league. The 1890s, on the other hand, was a time of consolidation and growth, with the National League absorbing the American Association and expanding to 12 teams. The 1890s also saw the emergence of some of the game's first true superstars, including Cy Young, who will be pitching for the 1890s team in this simulation.

Young, who made his debut in 1890, is one of the most decorated pitchers in baseball history, with his record 511 career wins still standing today. His presence on the mound will certainly add an extra layer of intrigue to this historic matchup. It'll be interesting to see how the 1880s team, featuring hitters more accustomed to the "dead-ball" era, will fare against Young's dominant pitching.

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