Other baseball leagues in 1891:    
AA  ·  Negro

The 1880s marked a pivotal moment in the sport's history as the American Association (AA) emerged to challenge the dominance of the National League (NL). The AA, a feisty upstart, gave the established NL a run for its money with its unique franchises.

In the AA, the Philadelphia Athletics took center stage with their explosive offense, led by the likes of Harry Stovey and Ezra Sutton. These powerhouses didn't just swing for the fences; they practically built a new fence every time they stepped up to bat.

Meanwhile, the NL stalwarts like the Boston Beaneaters and the Chicago White Stockings showcased their own star power. The Beaneaters boasted the great Jim "Pud" Galvin, while Chicago had Cap Anson, a legendary figure whose impact on the game was as large as his batting average.

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