1981 Yankees

Lost World Series

League Note
Due to a mid-season players' strike, the season was divided into a first half and a second half. The division winner of each half played each other in a five-game divisional series. The Cincinnati Reds, despite having the best overall record during the season, finished 2nd in both halves, so did not qualify for the post-season.

Gene Michael (48-34)
Bob Lemon (11-14)
General Manager
Gene Michael
Team Owner
George Steinbrenner
Home Field
1,614,353 total
31,654 per game

1981 Draft Picks

Round Pick Player
2 52 John Elway / OF
3 64 Scott Bradley / C
3 77 Phil Lombardi / C
4 103 Eric Plunk / P
5 129 Dennis Lubert / P
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